Antilibraries show and tell - Sunday 4/5 at noon ET

Okay we’re doing another Antilibraries book show-and-tell: this Sunday 4/5 at noon ET.

The theme is…my birthday was this week and it’s time to celebrate with books! It will probably go an hour or two, depends how many people show.

To prepare, please select one antilibrary book from your shelves, and make a new topic for it here on the forum (in the #books category is best) and briefly describe why you find it interesting.

We can also try using the forum for live chat during this show and tell. I’ve installed a chat plugin, which you can view by clicking the megaphone icon (lower left on desktop; in the nav bar on mobile) to expand. This = more ephemeral, non-public chat. Kind of an experiment.

Thanks to all who joined for the show and tell! I’ll link to each book topic below, and we can continue discussing these & related books in their respective threads…


Following up here, we had ~10 people for the show and tell, lots of great books shared, thanks everyone!

We don’t have topics created for every one of 'em yet but I’ll link the ones we do have below & maybe come back and add the others later.

I shared this one:

Sri (@HotTake):

Quynh (@qdo):

The Physiology of Taste: Or, Meditations on Transcendental Gastronomy by Brillat-Savarin
[link TK]

Jared (@jaredpereira):

Jinjin (@jinjin):

Book by Madeleine L’Engle, I forget which one, need to find out
[link TK]

Horace (@worace):

Ruthie (@ruthienachmany):
The Pencil: A History of Design and Circumstance by Henry Petroski

Maura (@Maura):
Metamagical Themas by Douglas Hofstadter
[link TK]
Also need to start up a reading group for this one soon, will come back to this!