The Books of Earthsea

I while ago I picked up this illustrated edition of all the Earthsea books:

I’d only read the Wizard Of Earthsea before and only vaguely remembered it’s contents). Rereading it blew me away. The whole thing felt like it a fable in the best way possible, the language was so concise and beautiful. I’d forgotten also just how short it was though, so I was left with the majority of this really chunky books still left to go.

I’ve read through the next two books, but neither clicked for me quite the way the first one did. The world of Earthsea is interesting, but parts of it definitely feel a bit tropey, probably because it started the tropes. I’d be really interested to hear how other folks like the latter ones compared to the first!


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Let us know if / when you finish this! Curious if you feel it ultimately holds together and is worth reading the whole series, or maybe just worth reading some of them.

May have to borrow at some point; Le Guin feels like potentially a really good choice for this sort of “read an author’s entire oeuvre challenge!”—