The Wind’s Twelve Quarters - Le Guin

Posting for Brendan’s birthday!

The Wind’s Twelve Quarters is by Ursula Le Guin—it’s a collection of earlier short stories from the first 10 years of her writing. I know Le Guin as a celebrated sci-fi/fantasy author who likes to explore deep philosophical ideas so I know this will be a good one once I get around to it! She also includes a foreword where she briefly mentions the inspiration for each story.

Some titles:
Faster than Empires and More Slow
The Stars Below
The Word of Unbinding

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Another on my list of books to read after you read them! I mentioned in a reply on this other UKLG book topic: The Books of Earthsea

…that Le Guin could be a very fun pick for this great idea / challenge to read a single author’s entire oeuvre — she’s pretty prolific, but quite a diverse lineup of books (YA, sci-fi, fantasy, poetry, essays, short stories) so might be more fun than reading all of an author who just writes novels for example.

I find this particularly interesting; I wish more books included more of a variety of annotations, prefatory material, or other sorts of metatextual material…ideally directly from the author!