Mumbai New York Scranton - Shopsin

Antilibrary post for Brendan’s birthday!

Mumbai New York Scranton is a memoir by NYT illustrator Tamara Shopsin. It captures her travels with her husband to Mumbai and beyond, told in words and photographs (sadly there doesn’t appear to be many illustrations). What intrigues me is her life in New York, as daughter to the owners of Shopsin’s, a diner that’s become an institution in the Lower East Side.

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Thanks for sharing this one Sri, looks really good!

Couple related books, this other memoir also by Tamara Shopsin, which looks to be more about her childhood, including growing up in her family’s legendary restaurant:

And this one, which I had on my list and looks great as well, by Kenny Shopsin himself:

Kenny has finally put together his 900-plus-item menu and his unique philosophy—imagine Elizabeth David crossed with Richard Pryor—to create Eat Me , the most profound and profane cookbook you’ll ever read. His rants—on everything from how the customer is not always right to the art of griddling; from how to run a small, ethical, and humane business to how we all should learn to cook in a Goodnight Moon world where everything you need is already in your own home and head—will leave you stunned or laughing or hungry. Or all of the above.