Dune by Frank Herbert

I’ve always felt that I would like science fiction, since I love science and human drama, but I’ve never actually read DUNE by Frank Herbert. It’s a long book, and I’ve been doing a lot of audiobook listening, so I thought I could start listening to it - definitely a wrong move. There are so many character and place names, that I think I need to sit down with the physical book first before maybe trying to listen to the audiobook.

Since DUNE is deemed a classic in this genre, I’m wondering if I should start here, or try my hand at something shorter as a way of dipping my toes in first?

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DUNE is such a great choice! I think it borrows from other genres in such a masterful way that even if you are put off by the science fiction stuff you will enjoy it. It is also a great example of how a sci-fi premise affects the characters. I love it.

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Yeah I agree with @marce I think Dune is a great pick to get into science fiction, it’s a classic, good story and not too “hard sci-fi” (i.e. super technical hard science driven, which sometimes I like, but often comes at the expense of plot / character) and definitely holds up! And I think I mentioned in the show and tell convo, although it’s first in a series, and books 2 + 3 are fun, I think it stands on its own pretty well.

Couple other sci-fi faves I would absolutely recommend:

DUNE is also a cultural icon, I have heard jokes being cracked in podcasts, it is sometimes cited in TV shows, animation, etc.

Much like LeGuin (that @Brendan mentions), it transcends sci-fi as well and it is just an all around great read.

After reading it you there are tons of related things to watch as well:

  • The David Lynch movie: it has some great moments
  • Jodorowsky’s Dune: a super great documentary, it’s bonkers
  • There is also 3-part TV movie: not great, not super bad
  • and I think they are making even more movies!

A friend was reading it for the first time a few months ago an he found this artist that has a great take on the concept art: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/k4dzld

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