Share your latest bookstore haul!

Realized I never shared my spoils from my trip last month to the Hobart Book Village. Also…thinking it would make for a fun ongoing topic here to share your latest batch of bookstore acquisitions!

Similar to Share a cover — books you're reading, but rather than current / on-deck reads, show us your latest finds…which almost by definition will be books in your antilibrary, so no need to share more than title + anything about the book that caught your eye.

Here are the ones I picked up from Hobart last month (I bought books from 3 of the 5 stores in the book village — Adams, Liberty Rock, and Blenheim Hill!)

Please share any of your own recent book finds below :books::star_struck:

I’m excited to have picked up a couple cool ones on poetics / experimental writing, and some that explore the musicality of language and oral tradition. “The Single Vest Idea Ever” looks like a very fun anthology about Darwin’s theory of evolution. And “The Lifetime Reading Plan” reminded me a lot of curating my own reading lists and antilibrary. Lots of fun finds; definitely suggest checking out the Hobart Book Village if you’re ever in the area or looking for a fun weekend trip!

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A few I picked up last weekend from Press Play, a cool art / music / publishing fair in Brooklyn:

The one in the middle is from Siglio Press, the other two from Litmus Press…both great indie publishing companies with excellent names!