Escapist reads

What are your favorite escapist reads? Things that are super immersive, vivid, fun, and take your mind off whatever else is going on in your life? Looking for the Fast & Furious franchises of literature please.

My contributions:
Six of Crows/Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo
A heist set in a rich fantasy world, funny emotional and fast paced with lots of good characters.

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell
A Harry Potter parody/sendup…Chosen One struggling with some stuff at his last year of wizard school. Adorable and super funny with a great romantic plotline.

Crazy Rich Asians trilogy by Kevin Kwan
Gossipy, juicy, trashy, fun, like watching reality TV or a soap opera.

And I know a ton of people have read these already, but His Dark Materials always delivers.

Bonus questions…

  • Do you have books that you reread for comfort? What are they?
  • What are the essential ingredients to an escapist read?
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Nice, I will note I’ve also read and enjoyed all the above except Carry On, which I’ll prob check out at some point…great escapist reads list so far!

I really enjoy sci-fi, a few fun and immersive faves include:

Great nature writing, while not exactly super gripping thrill ride page-turners, can be a really pleasant escape of a different sort:

Some more great recs from this Twitter thread. Summarizing many of em here! —

Discworld is a great shout in these troubled times.

Robin Hobb’s farseer trilogy (starts here) is truly magical and wonderful.

The Culture Series from Iain M Banks

Raymond Chandler!

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Nice, hadn’t heard of the Farseer trilogy, will have to check it out.

And yes some good classic mysteries would be a lot of fun here! I need to read more of those… The Moonstone was a favorite I’d def recommend, and @jinjin has convinced me I should get into some of the Dorothy Sayers mysteries. (see also: Mystery book recommendations?)

Also might be some overlap w/ some of the “centireading” suggestions here: Centireading: what books would you read 100 times? — pure escapist fun & favorite classics you return to again and again aren’t always the same thing, but frequently driven by a similar impulse of seeking something comforting.

Nice list here of comfort read picks from a variety of authors!

A couple more good book lists from Boze Herrington’s Patreon

The Gormenghast Trilogy is definitely one I’d like to read at some point. Also I should really dig into some more Agatha Christie at some point.

Also, I had not heard of the Flavia de Luce mystery series…they look like a lot of fun!