Mystery book recommendations?


Anyone have favorite mystery books? I’m craving some great puzzles. (More the puzzle aspect than the lurid crime aspect.)

One of my favorite books is The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins, which is the first detective novel and an extremely fun Victorian story involving a stolen diamond:

I also, of course, love Agatha Christie.

Have you read any good ones?


Robin Sloan is all about puzzle fiction! He’s shared lots of reccs over the years but this one is recent:


When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead is a young adult book with a pretty good puzzle/mystery. It is told from a young girls perspective and is very heart warming.


I totally second The Moonstone, super good…I haven’t read a ton of mysteries so looking forward to some from this topic!

The “puzzle fiction” books Robin Sloan mentions seem great. Gnomon has been on my list for a while, and The Westing Game is a classic YA mystery, would be fun to re-read that at some point.

He also talks about a related genre in another newsletter:

This week I’ve been reading books in the shin honkaku genre … These are the kinds of mysteries that a clever reader can solve ahead of the detective, with

  • characters introduced fully and fairly,
  • a clearly circumscribed stage (think: snowbound chalet), and
  • no vital information withheld from the reader.

Locked room mysteries basically…and apparently these ones are particularly “meta”. See the full post for some specific recs / links. Great genre for anyone who loved books like this as a kid :wink:

One old favorite I haven’t read in a long time but remember being fantastic is actually a nonfiction mystery! Kind of an old school computer hacker cat and mouse game…very fun:


Not a book, so this might be too off-topic, but anyone who likes puzzle mysteries more than the violent ones will probably enjoy this podcast, which looks at the history of classic detective fiction and the women who wrote in the genre or were affected by it. Episodes are short, well-produced, and always turn up something interesting.

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This one is a puzzle-game style mystery book for kids, and I just remembered how cool I thought it was when I was little! (Also the main character’s name is Horace! :wink: ).


Yesss this one was great…fun for the whole family!