Recommendations for learning how to learn efficiently?

Happy New Year y’all!
I figured it’d be an appropriate time to pick up some new tricks.
I also figured it’d be potentially neat to read up on how to OpTiMiZe time spent learning new things!
Something less dense than a cognitive psych textbook, and less uh… fluffy (?) than the Tim Ferriss brain hacking sort of thing is what I’m after.
Be it executional, theoretical, or only tangentially related, I’m interested in any and all idears!

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@myacademy have you read Talent Is Overrated by Geoff Colvin? It’s not a textbook, but it was where I learned about the concept of “deliberate practice” and I found the breakdown of the concept helpful to apply it to different things I’m interested in learning.

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Heyyo, happy new year! In my mind, every season is learning season, but now seems an especially good time to get that exploratory momentum going :smiley:

I will also tag @jaredpereira as someone particularly interested in theory & practice of learning who may have some good recs here.

My personal favorite books on learning include:

Also a bunch from my antilibrary that look really interesting! Maybe too many, so I’m gonna narrow down to the few I’m most interested in actually reading. If anyone’s interested in any of these let me know, maybe we can read one or two of 'em together!

If you want something that touches on how we think, our biases & thought processes (how we learn really) I’d recommemd Danny Kahneman’s Thinking, Fast & Slow. It’s dense but still accessible.

But if you haven’t read that yet, I’d recommend reading the backstory of the ideas of the book first – The Undoing Project. It’s a wonderful bio on Kahneman & his colleague Amos Tversky’s work in how we think. There are many wonderful examples in the book about how people learn in their work & how they get in their own way, from talent scouts for basketball teams to surgeons.

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Seconding mindstorms! I went in expecting for it to be fiarly computer specific but it’s pretty wide ranging to just learning in general.

Pedagogy of the Oppressed and Deschooling Society by Ivan Illich are both two that dive into how learning is situated in border social and political contexts, which can be extremely valuable to get a perspective on, but probably won’t help if you’re goal is to learn arbitrary things more efficiently.

I guess my question would be what exactly learning efficiently means to you @myacademy . At the end of the day I think it’s going to be pretty subject specific. You should be building specific habits and learning structures tied to the things you want to learn. Atomic Habits, from my antilibrary seems good for this on this, but also a little self-helpy so I"m unsure!

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