Outdoor Project's Women in the Wild Reading List

Every year, Outdoor Project posts a series of interviews and resources to amplify the voices of awesome women in the outdoor industry. I work in the outdoor industry so this has been a phenomenal, inspiring resource for me and I want to share it!

In addition to a collection of interviews with super rad women, they have just posted this year’s iteration of the Outdoor Woman’s Reading List, which I’m currently parsing through to add to my own antilibrary. If this is something you’re into as well, I’d love to year from you :slight_smile:

(2019) Outdoor Woman’s Reading List


Nice, this seems like a great list!

Of the ones here…Wild was a fun read. A Field Guide to Getting Lost is def on my list. I believe I gave @jinjin a cool edition of A Lady’s Life in the Rocky Mountains a while back, seems like a fun one though I haven’t read it. West With the Night also sounds great and I think I gave that as a gift too at some point (?) Oh and Braiding Sweetgrass also looks amazing, I’ve got that one in my antilibrary!

Fun to see lists like this narrowed down in multiple dimensions at once (e.g. here “adventure/outdoors” and “books by women” with like ten further subcategory groupings). I will definitely spend some more time looking through all the ones I haven’t heard of before when I get home on desktop and can indulge my habit of opening dozens of links in new tabs for bulk antilibrary adding.

What an exciting list!! Thank you for sharing!