Mapping your reading topography

From the latest Antilibraries newsletter, with some ideas about visualizing your reading as a map or landscape, and charting paths through it…

I’m interested here in the paths my reading takes over time, and how I might identify patterns and/or better plan how to traverse this landscape depending on contextual goals

We can navigate our reading landscapes…

  • By map (list-making; planning out our reading)
  • By feel (exploring, guided by intuition)
  • In collaboration (reading with shared goals and travel companions)

And I can imagine more directed experiments, different map-making filters or route-planning strategies for specific scenarios:

  • Group reading retreat
  • Maximal relaxation and enjoyment
  • Preparation for teaching a subject
  • Long-term research project
  • Topical book club

To leave you with a couple questions for now:

  • Have you mapped or analyzed your reading for the past year(s)?
  • Have you tried to chart out potential reading goals using some kind of particular system or metaphor?