Join the Antilibraries reading + annotation group on Hypothesis!

Continuing the discussion from Book clubs / reading groups - open call for experiments!:

We now have our own Hypothesis annotation group for reading/annotating things together, and I wanted to pull this out as a new linked topic for clarity. Thanks to @cjeller1592 for starting this up!

I’ve made this first post a wiki, so anyone can edit + update the list below as a convenient index of what readings we’ve annotated so far :slight_smile:

How to get started:

Readings + Annotations

Have some stuff in mind you’d like to annotate with the group? Feel free to add to the list! Reply below in a new post as well with further context on any new reading suggestions, or with any ideas / general discussion about this collaborative reading and annotation experiment.

Multiple related readings? Go ahead and add a new h3 (i.e. ### Title) as well.

Friends as Force Multiplier reading list (view full list here)

Readings for an online writing workshop from Sonya Mann + Other Internet, focused on “understanding, navigating, and leveraging internet communities — from empathy to economics and back.”

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