Book sales!

I don’t know of any at the moment, but around the holidays there were quite a few solid sales from a number of great publishers, from various indie companies to 50% off from the MIT Press.

I made this topic as a place to share any great sales you happen upon — feel free to share both general info (link to site, types of deals, when it ends) and specific titles that catch your eye!

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Bookbub has a newsletter with kindle books on sale usually for $1.99!

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Oh yes, good call! I’ve enjoyed their newsletter for a while. It can be kind of a mixed bag but only take a few seconds to scan the daily email (usually highlighting 4-6 special deals) and I’ve found a number of good ones. I believe you can set genre preferences to get selections at least somewhat tailored to your interests.

Library of America has a spring sale going now til April 10th. (Related: Ursula K. Le Guin’s Always Coming Home is out w/ a new LoA edition that looks amazing: Always Coming Home)

Sale details:
20% off on your next order with coupon code SPRING2019
Coupon expires Wednesday, April 10.

Just saw that the company behind Bookbub launched a similar service for audiobooks called Chirp. May be worth checking out for some good deals if you like that format!

please take a peek at this beautiful website:

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Ahh…another big Verso 90% off ebooks sale! They do this a few times a year and always a great way to score some interesting books. Runs through 11:59PM EST on Sunday, July 28

Nice sale on ebooks from the University of Chicago Press — 75% off all ebooks through Aug. 16th:

Just browsed through all the genres that seemed interesting and opened up 92 books in new tabs…

However from their “about ebooks page”:

We have two licensing options for most of our e-books:

  • Perpetual ownership at list price
  • 45-day ownership for $10.00

And it looks like they use some Adobe eBook DRM thing, which sucks…that + the high list prices mean I may not be buying many…but regardless, many very intriguing books for the antilibrary!

This is pretty sweet, 20% off used book from Powells:

Discount code: ENDLESSBOOKS

Good through 11:59pm PST, September 18, 2019