Anyone know the kids book publishing world?

Hey folks - apologies for the self promotion (or family-promotion!) but my partner (in crime and in life) is working on writing and illustrating a kids book. Bit more here:

Anyone know the kids-book publishing world? She’s actively reaching out to agents at the moment but would love any warm intros if people know people…

If we don’t get anywhere with the agent outreach in the next few months we’ll likely go down the Kickstarter route but be good to discuss agents first…


Oh nice I remember seeing you post about this a while back. Looks gorgeous! I have a couple friends who work in publishing, I don’t think they work with exactly this kind of book, but one who does YA fiction, maybe she would know who to talk to. Let me reach out and point them here. What specific questions are you looking to answer when it comes to this whole process, weighing the self-pub route, etc.?

I mean not to be too crass but I think the most helpful thing at this point is an agent or an intro to an agent. But failing that - anyone who’s knowledgeable and has been through the kids book publishing cycle a few times would be great to talk to (either trad publisher or self-published)

Ah ok cool I’ll ask about agents specifically. Not sure if it’s helpful to talk to someone more on the editorial side. I find the whole self publishing process fascinating too.

Guessing you’ve come across this already, but this came to mind so for everyone’s benefit I’ll link here to Craig Mod’s On Margins — “a podcast about making books”:

Quite good from the couple eps I’ve checked out so far. And #4 and #8 in particular are all about making children’s books! One w/ Kickstarter, one w/ traditional publisher. Several other cool episodes as well, and I love that full transcripts are available.

Yeah love the On Margins podcast!