Antilibraries show and tell - Sunday 3/15 at 5pm ET

Trying out our first Antilibraries live event via remote Zoom call!

Starting Sunday 3/15 at 5pm Eastern, we’ll do a book show-and-tell. I’ll plan to keep it short (40 mins) since a) this is a test and not sure if many can even make it, and b) limitations of group calls on a free Zoom account.

Not much preparation needed, just pull a couple antilibrary books from your shelves that you’re excited about, and tell us a little about why you find them interesting.

We can also try using the forum for live chat during this show and tell.

Alright here’s the Zoom link! —


LMAO okay we’ve just disovered free zoom calls end super abruptly :laughing: Thanks all for joining! Here are the books everyone shared, feel free to discuss further below!








Also would love to hear what you thought of this format. Too quick? Just right? If there’s interest I wouldn’t mind getting a paid Zoom account to do longer things…but also kinda like having the time constraint to enforce a quick-ish pace!

Just the right amount of time, great meeting you all!

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It was a pleasure! Really like the format too - hoping to be a part of more of these!

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BTW, I was wrong about the meaning of Flaneur, it is even better for a travel magazine:


  1. a man who saunters around observing society.

Awesome, glad to hear it, will try to make it a more regular thing! Last time I did one locally in Brooklyn we chatted a bit about some fun ideas for kind of variations on the similar theme…e.g. everyone picks a book of a similar genre, or do the same thing but for websites. That could be a lot of fun to try.

Ahh yes I kinda remember that now. Like the French equivalent of a “dandy”.

The other word this brings to mind is dérive, similarly about a kind of urban wandering practice, but I think a bit more theory heavy lol (coined by Guy Debord, one of the main Situationists).

Oh, I think I have read about the concept of dérive, (probably in The Most Radical Gesture) but I did not connect both ideas. The magazine it certainly has some performative vibe to it.