Do you have a "pull list" — specific books, or criteria for books, that you're looking to find?

Via an Electric Eel newsletter a while back (title: “A comic book store inside a bookstore”) I came across the idea of the “pull list”.

In the context of books, comic books in particular, this refers to a list of the books you’re looking for, either specific titles / series, or meeting certain criteria, that’s kind of your standing order for your local store to have ready for you.

Walking into Carmine Street Comics was the first time I felt like part of a comic book community. To Jon, I’m still “the new guy,” but through my pull list, he knows something about me that reaches back to my childhood. In this way, my pull list functions like an encapsulation of my tastes and interests—from superheroes to social justice, it’s all there in the pages of my favorite comics. Every time I visit the shop to pick up a stack of newly arrived titles, he’s got some new recommendation—a spinoff series based on a title on my list, or the best app for reading digital comics. It’s awesome having a comic book guy; I highly recommend you find one.

More detail here about what a pull list is:

Most avid comic collectors have something called a pull list. This is the list of comics they know they’ll buy every month. Some stores offer pull list programs where they’ll set aside the comics for you each month to ensure you never miss any issues. …

Fans of comics can use this information in conversation to see what kind of a reader you are. If your tastes align, they might check out another comic on your pull list or be able to suggest titles for you to check out. Asking about someone’s pull list is a great way to start a conversation at your local comic shop or at a friends party.

I thought this was interesting, not only for comics but for thinking generally about bookstore proclivities and if there are certain sorts of books we always seem to be seeking out, whether a specific list, or more subconscious browsing tendencies.

Whether you’ve heard of the “pull list” concept or not, more broadly, are there certain types of books — favorite series, (sub)genres, publishers, etc. — you always look for first when you enter a favorite bookstore (or a bookstore you’ve never been to before)? Or any other book loyalties / standing searches that come to mind?